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Girl with Ukelele

Ukulele Lessons

Most people think of the ukulele as a traditional Hawaiian islands instrument, but did you know it's actually a distant cousin of the classical guitar? The Portuguese introduced them to Hawaii in the late 1800s as a smaller alternative to the guitar and the rest, as they say is history. No, really, there is a ton of history on them. Look it up. It's super cool. 

Smaller children, or adult students with smaller hands prefer the ukulele not only for its sweet tones but also comfort since they find the smaller neck easier to get their hands around than a full size classical guitar. But don't be deceived into thinking that the ukulele is just an "easy mode guitar"! The ukulele has its own repertoire rich technical tradition. Our instructors can bring you up to speed about this unique instrument with our customized lesson plans. No, we will not teach you Riptide (just kidding! We will... if you REALLY want to learn it). Try our ukulele lessons today!

Image by Mitchell Luo

Our Ukulele Instructors

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Jorge Maldonado

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David Wesley

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