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The piano has been a staple of all kinds of music for the past 300 years (yes, there was keyboard music before that but the harpsichord and the organ were the keyboard instruments of choice before the 1700s) and the piano is not just for classical music. While many of the classical orchestral works are available and very much playable on the piano, this keyboard instrument has been part of almost the entire evolution of American music. Featured in the blues, country, rock and roll, jazz, even symphonic metal. With current technological advances creating credible electronic similes of an acoustic piano, complete with touch response and dynamic control, the piano is as accessible as it's ever been. In the hands of our capable instructors, you will master this incredible instrument whether you prefer the classical methods, or are interested in something more modern. Try our piano lessons today!

Piano Lesson

Our Piano Instructors


Debbie Maddox

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Ryan James

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