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At Firehouse Music Studios, we believe each student is unique. Therefore each lesson plan should be customized to the student's goals, preferences and aptitudes.

Our free consultation will allow us to get a clear understanding of where you are beginning your musical journey, what your musical tastes are and what teaching style you best respond to. No Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, unless you REALLY love that song :)


So... you like Jazz? Neo Soul? Blues? Country? Rock? Metal? Shred? Classical Guitar? We got you covered! Our instructors have decades of teaching and playing experience 
and will help you play the music you want to play.


Whether you want to read music and play rudiments, or just play along with your favorite songs we can help you achieve your goals!


The voice is an instrument. Just like any other. If you have always wanted to sing, but think you can't, just try our voice lessons and unlock the singer within.


Does playing the banjo intrigue you? Give it a try! It's a completely different experience from other fretted instruments and it can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you want 
a disciplined, linear approach to bluegrass technique, or you just want to strum around to your favorite songs, we can help you succeed!


Do you prefer a classical structured approach to the piano? How about just learning some chords and jamming? Play off a leadsheet? You got it. Our instructors can accomodate
any goal and playing style.


If Music Theory, Chord structure and sight reading sounds fun to you we got you covered. If you prefer to just learn basslines from your favorite songs our bass lessons will get you 
where you need to be!


Want to try something different? The mandolin is a violin with frets played with a pick! How is that for different? Whether you want to read music and master the classical 
repertoire or just play fiddle lines on bluegrass tune we got you covered!


Do you love the sound of the ukulele? It's super easy to learn! The ukulele is a fantastic entry point to the world of fretted instruments! We can help you learn!

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