Read what our students have to say about us:

"If you asked me to describe Dave Wesley in one word - I wouldn't be able to do it. Two years ago I never could have guessed that walking into Firehouse Music and signing up for guitar lessons could have had such a huge, positive impact on my life. I was lucky enough to happen to get Dave as my teacher, but he's so much more than just a teacher. Dave is also a friend and a total rockstar. I've never met anyone who knew their instrument so inside and out, who was so willing to listen and change things in order to personalize each lesson to the student so they can learn to the best of their abilities. Dave is the best there is."


-Cristina Gilstrap

"My name is Jace Pitre. I have been fooling around with the guitar since I was a teenager. Over the course of several years, I took lessons in order to expand my knowledge of the fretboard and music theory. To be honest, I found it rather boring and hard to understand. All I wanted to do was play! I could never find a teacher to spark my interest in the music theory side of things. Until I met Jorge Maldonado. Jorge is by far the best guitar teacher I have ever had, and has an uncanny way of explaining things to your music knowledge level. He not only sparked my interest in music theory, but also let me be when it came to stuff I wanted to learn and play. His style is very adaptable to all forms of music.  I would highly recommend him as an instructor to anyone beginner or advanced!"

-Jace Pitre

"I always wanted to play an instrument, even though I am no musician and possess no natural abilities.  My curiosity to see what I could accomplish in spite of my deficiencies led me to Firehouse Music, where I found a group of dedicated musicians who love to teach their craft.  Students range from middle school and younger, to adults like myself.  I desired to learn to play the acoustic guitar and was fortunate to find an extraordinary, conservatory trained instructor here.  I was amazed to discover that they have several instructors for all sorts of instruments - including voice!

Well, apparently even I can be taught, and I have the instructors at Firehouse Music Studios to thank for my progress.  This place is different, and I think what makes Firehouse unique is that while they are all skilled musicians, they are also skilled instructors who really enjoy what they do! I highly recommend this place and these instructors."

-David C. Olson

"I've been strumming the guitar for twenty years and never had a lesson. I knew I was missing something- Basic Fundamentals! Joining Firehouse Music I've learned all the basic fundamentals and how to read sheet music. Now I'm actually playing the guitar and having fun! Come join us and watch your skills grow too!"

-Bob Johnson

"I have tried to pick up the guitar several times in my life only to get frustrated and give up.

Jorge has given me the understanding and motivation for success. This time I'm doing it!  I see improvement every week and enjoy my time behind the guitar.

Thank you Jorge and Firehouse Music!"

-Chuck Thompson

"Jorge has been my bass guitar instructor since early 2013 and has patiently brought me along to the point of playing recognizable bass lines and enjoying accompanying Merle, Willie, Kris and other notable "country" performers. Jorge clearly understands music theory and been very good to integrate theory only when it contributes to understanding a song. I'm very pleased with my progress and recommend Jorge without reservation."


-Corbin Shouse

"Being a part of Firehouse Music for the past year has been a life-changing experience for our entire family.  Our guitar instructor, Dave Wesley, has a unique way of appreciating the individuality in each of his students.  We love the way that Dave allows us to choose the songs that we want to learn.  I remember when my son wanted to learn a song that was pretty difficult for someone his age, Dave simply stated “well, you have the same amount of fingers that the guy who wrote the song has,” and proceeded to write the tabs for him.  With Dave’s coaching, my son never feels like he isn’t able to learn, no matter how ‘difficult,’ any song may be.  It always amazes me how our instructor can listen to ANY song and pick out the chords perfectly; this has been great for those times when we couldn’t find the tabs for specific songs that we wanted to learn.  Dave really has a unique way of teaching kids, and I can see that he genuinely appreciates each kid’s unique personality.  He works with his students to find a way to inspire, encourage, motivate, and shape their musical talents.  He’s a great instructor!  A year ago, I would have never believed we could play like we do now!  Thank you Firehouse!"


-Debbi Pysell

"About three years ago, my wife bought me a guitar as a birthday present and signed me up for lessons at Firehouse Music. I was very fortunate that the instructor she picked was Jorge Maldonado. While Jorge plainly has the musical talent to teach guitar to very advanced players, he also has the ability to teach and explain guitar in very simple terms to beginners like me.  Jorge customizes his teaching style for each student. For me, I was interested in learning to read and play music, and this is my primary focus.  To keep things fun and different, we'll deviate from music theory, and Jorge will teach me how to play songs I'm interested in.  Regardless of what he is teaching, Jorge makes the learning process relaxed and fun. 

Firehouse Music is a great place for anyone, at any age, to pursue their interest in music."

-Chris Cravey

  Williams Morgan P. C. 

"I took lessons from Jorge for 10 years and I can honestly say he was instrumental in my success as a musician. Beginning with absolutely no experience, weekly lessons with Jorge helped me to grow exponentially to the point where I was able to perform in front of crowds of over a thousand at my church.


I appreciated his punctuality and could not have asked for a more knowledgeable instructor. His calm and friendly demeanor always made me feel confident in my ability to succeed."

-Angus Brooks

"Dave has been an exceptional guitar instructor for the past two years I have taken lessons from him. The amount of progress I made as a guitarist over that time has exceeded any and all expectations that I had when I walked into my first lesson. With his guidance, I was able to play much faster and at a much higher level than I had ever imagined. I would highly recommend taking lessons from Dave.

Whether you are a beginner who is just starting out or an experienced guitarist who wants to step up your playing, Dave will help you get where you want to be as a guitar player."

-Mitchell Stacha