1080p Full HD Short(er) Throw Projector


Our business projectors are just the ticket for small to mid size training events and presentations. Short(er) throw (approx 1-1) lens allows this projector to fit well into any space. With 3.5K-4K lument this projector will work well even on larger screens in moderate and low light situations. Full 1080p HD resolution means your presentations details and videos will be clear and crisp.


Included in base rental:

Projector with Lens

Remote Control

6' HDMI Cable

4' VGA Cable



  • 3.5K - 4K ANSI lumens and 1080p resolution
  • Input supports HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2), VGA
  • Short(er) throw ratio for easy room placement - 1:1
  • Horizontal and vertical Keystone for image alignment


Small Size and Weight make it easy to cary and set up

Stereo speakers with 10W per channel

Standard Business Projector - Up to 100 people

  • Think of your Video Projector the same as you would your Flat Screen TV or your computer monitor.  Simply plug in your video source (Computer / Laptop, DVD / BlueRay Player, Cable Box, etc) the same way you would hook up your TV or Monitor - the output (usually HDMI) from your device goes to the corresponding input on the projector.

    LUMENS (Typically noted as a whole number: 3500 or 6000 etc. or sometimes abreviated with the "K" symbole which divides the number by 1000 - therefore 3500 and 6000 would be 3.5K and 6K. ) The main thing to remember is The Higher the Lumens, the Brighter the Projector, and Brighter is Better!

    THROW RATIO (Typically numbers separated by a colon such as 1.22:1)

    Keep thow ratio in mind when choosing your projector. The smaller the number before the colon, the shorter the distance required for a large image. To calculate distance and screen size divide the distance to your screen or wall by the first number. That will tell you how large your screen can be. Conversely, to calculate distance, divide the width of your screen by the first number.

    Most projectors will also have a zoom feature which will allow for a little grace over placement.

    For example (Using the throw ratio above  (1.22-1)

    My projector will be 10' from the wall. 10/1.22 = 8.19' so my screen size will be about 8'

    My screen size is 10'.  10*1.22 = 12.2' so my projector needs to be a little over 12' to fill the screen.

     If you are concerened about selecting a projector with the right throw ratio just contact us. We can help you figure that out - we do it all the time!

    Each projector comes with a remote control and 2 input cables - 1 ea. HDMI and 1 ea. VGA.  For more input options we offer a "Computer Adapter Bundle" with adaptors for most Apple and Microsoft devices.

    Need help? No worries! We can walk you thru the connections via phone or Skype - or send a friendly tech with the equipment to ensure the best possible user experience.